Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today was amazing

Again, validation.  This has happened before during rough times in my life.  My somehow, I seem to forget inbetween, because each time it happens, like today, the amazement is new again, as if this is the first time.

Here's what I mean.  Last night I came home from teaching all day, once again, exhausted.  No, not as tired as the first of these three days straight, but so tired nonetheless. And I wondered, "Did I start back to work too soon?  Did I take on too big of a project with too little strength built up after my surgeries?  Had I been unwise?"

I even wondered, "Have I made a huge mistake in my life's path, and chosen the wrong course?  Maybe.....  Maybe I ought to just quit altogether and crawl into an introspective hole somewhere and let a Higher Source stream through the fog in my tired brain and get me back on course again.  I felt so 'off"."

But that was yesterday.  Today was nothing but validation after validation that not only am I on the right course in my life, but the difference I seem to be making in the lives of people is more than I could have ever imagined.  One by one, each of my three Hypnosis Certification Training students shared privately with me how their lives have changed already as a result of the time they've spent in the first three days of class.  That touched my heart.  But not only that.  For I know that where ever there is one who's life has been changed for the better, there are no less than 1,000 other people who come withing that person's sphere of influence.  And they are touched as well.  Each of the three students, these dear, sweet people, will now be making a more profound and positive difference in the lives of other - so much more so than they would have before.  My whole heart is behind my life's intention to help people make a better life for themselves and those they care about, that it's so exhilerating to watch it happen before my very eyes - &  in so short a time. 

This evening, I left class feeling rejunenated, rather than drained.  I felt joyous, rather than questioning.  And my heart is filled to overflowing with that sweet feeling of peace that comes only when one's feet are firmly planted, and walking, on the path they came to this earth to walk.  The only word that comes to mind is, "Hallelujah!"


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