Monday, February 28, 2011

War Zones

I wonder how many wars have begun because of religious stands people take, based on the individual's information and belief?  The 'fighting thought' usually sounds like, "Because I believe this as true, you should too.  And, because I act according to my truth 'this certain way', you should act that way too."

There's the 'War Zone'.  Whether outside or inside of us, war zones are created when there are should's levied upon us by another.  In a family, there are War Zones created when the parents levy requirements upon a child that don't fit what is actually there.  For example:  "Be good", when the child is already 'good'.  Then the child has to 'act as if, so they can be judged as 'being good' by the definition held by someone else, and often lose track of their own innate goodness within, by doing so.

When a bomb of 'separateness' is dropped upon a scene that is of 'wholeness', War is created.  When war happens, we are each a victim. 


Sterling said...

What wisdom you have Gwyneth... Yes it seems like we all have had and will have war zones in our life time, we may not think of them that way...
Take Care,


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