Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ready, Set,....

Today I'm getting 'ready', that by tonight I am 'set', to 'GO' the next three days solid.  I will (most likely) have no break for neither rest nor relaxation.  A full weekend of Hypnosis Certification Training is time-intensive itself, but all my preparations during the weekdays of the last 2 weeks plus, culminate this Saturday with the 'Family Gathering' I've put together in honor of the 'older generation'.  And my daughter came into Salt Lakw City last night from PA, with her fiance, to introduce him to family during this weekend. 

Because of my recent dream seeming to tell of my father's imminent demise, added to an already-felt sense of urgency in that regard, I've been devoting every spare moment and bit of energy this last while to producing this event of, whick I can see could be the 'last' family gathering for this part of my family.  It will be interesting to see how events transpire.  I will report here on the details, as I can.

I've made a 'courtesy announcement' to those I keep in close contact with (usually daily) to prepare to be 'snarled at' if they happen to interrupt me today.  If the house is burning down, they'll have to make special effort to get my attention so I can get out in time.  Knowing me, when I focus on something, I REALLY focus, to the exclusion of most everything else (for better and/or worse).  I'm glad I have those in my life who love me and accept me 'anyway'.

So here I step, deeply into the forest of preparation, firmly on the path of 'GO'.  And later, over three days from now on Sunday evening, when the Training is complete for the weekend and the Family Gathering is over and done, I will enter the cave of rest.  I'll emerge only when I do - no sooner.



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