Monday, January 24, 2011

(News from 'The Cave')

I'm stillI in my 'cave', resting, playing & resting today, but I just wanted to say:

I made it through the weekend with surprising grace and aplomb.  Training Course went well, and during the Saturday family reunion, I only had to be 'helped' once, when I was on my way toward sitting down and I just didn't have enough strength and energy to make it.  I'm grateful for the two people who rushed to my aid and saved me from disaster. 

One question lingers today, leftover from Saturday's festivities - My father whispered to me after the event was over:  "That was wonderful", he said.  "It was like having my own funeral, only I was there to enjoy it."  "Funeral" had not been my intention to create, even a 'really enjoyable' one.  But I think his comment was SO Very Interesting - especially after the dream I posted about last week.  Know what I mean?

Now, back to my cave.


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