Friday, December 10, 2010

The white marble Hall

As I exersized on the treadmill at Physical Therapy, one of the attending Therapists said, "Gwyn, meet Bob.  Bob, meet Gwyn", and then left us to our exercising.  Bob told me of his heart survival experience back in April of this year, and how he's grateful to have been "retrieved from the grave".  Really.  He was even in a medically induced coma for three days.  During that time, he had a near death experience, which he shared with me.  I was delighted to hear, for I've had several similar experiences of my own.

When he got to the part about the Hall of white marbles, seeminly roofless, with tall pillars lining the sides, I suddenly interrupted with, "I've been there too!"  I noticed that the three Therapists across the room perked up their ears, and got quiet, listening to Bob and I share our stories with eachother.  Bob told of the black urns along the sides with gold leaves, and the light he saw at the end of a tunnel on the side.  I remember the urns, but not as vividly as he did.  I didn't see the tunnel of light he saw.  But, one of the three times I remember being in the Hall, I saw a table, with a big, thick, book on it.  Bob didn't see that.  So our experiences had different aspects, as well as very similar ones.  It was a great sharing indeed.  I've shared a number of my stories with others, but I've never had such validation about the very first time I found myself standing within that Hall as I did as Bob shared his experience with me.  So very similar.

One more thing.  And possibly, even more amazing.  At home that evening, I told Marcia (roommate & shirt-tail cousin) of my experiences of the day, including that wonderful conversation with Bob.  When I told of the Hall of white marble (large 'room' actually, rather than long like a 'hall' I've understood), Marcia got quite pensive.  When I was finished, she looked at me and said, "Gwyn, I recognize that place.  I must have had my own experience, without realizing it before."  And Marcia said that she has not had her 'Great Hall of White' experience triggered by anything in particular, as far as she could tell.  We shared back and forth for awhile, enjoying it immensely.

Three totally different people, different circumstances to be sure, but three very similar experiences.  I just makes me wonder.  How many more of 'us' are there?  Is there 'common experience' that links us all in ways we have not yet even fathomed?  Hmmm.


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