Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot tea, and a toasty waterbottle

I'm an icicle.  At least, that what my body seems to think.  Ever since my heart surgeries I've noticed that my body is reacting differently in so many ways, and temperature regulation is one of them.  I've always been a 'hot one' up until now - warm hands, warm feet, very few blankets needed to cover me at night.  In the winter, when I ride in the car, I've always had a tendency to steam up the inside of the windows so much that we have to turn the defroster way up, or even open the windows so we see out of the windows.  Actually, that still happens.  But warm hands, warm feet?  Not hardly.  They're icicles.  I have to be careful and refrain from touching someone else's skin without giving them a 'head's up' first, so they won't be shocked by the coldness of my fingers. 

I still don't need many blankets to cover me at night, but I must have a hot water bottle by my feet when I go to sleep.  And I've given in, tucking my hands all the way down under the covers to keep them warm, rather than hanging them outside the covers as I used to.  I put mittens and a coat on before I venture outdoors, where I used to have no hesitation about braving the freezing temperatures without anything but shirtsleeves. 

Inside, I've been wrapping a blanket around my feet and legs whenever I sit.  And I keep an extra vest or sweater handy.  It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.  Temporary?  I don't know.  In the meantime, gimme that hot tea!  I wrap my fingers around that steaming mug and get myself all warmed up inside, and out.


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