Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rare quiet moment

I sat for a bit this morning, cuddling my little dog on my lap.  I know she's not a cat, but I could almost hear her purring.  It was a rare moment, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I had to consciously give myself permission to just turn off the 'buzz' though, and just sit.  So much to be done.  I'm reminded of the old refrigerator my mother had when I was growing up.  It was small, and always stuffed to overflowing.  My mother often moaned, "How I wish I had a larger refrigerator!"  And then she'd clean it out again, and rearrange the things inside, hoping to make a bit more room.

It was just a few years ago that my mother finally got her new refrigerator.  All 5 of her children are grown and gone, but she has company over for family dinners, with grandchildren in and out all the time.  The new refrigerator was a gift from my sister and her husband.  And it is big, and beautiful, with plenty of room.  But it's stuffed full too.  Not one inch to spare.  Somehow the 'things' grew to meet the larger capacity. 

So too is life, I think.  Or so it seems.  This last week my days have been stuffed full of 'things' to do, with no end in sight.  Car repairs, medical bill arrangements (including hours on the phone), clearing out more of the clothes that are now too large for me to wear, physical therapy, sewing up a couple of Christmas presents, wrapping others, making holiday yummies, eating too many sweets and then remembering why I shouldn't do that 'cuz I feel so yucky after.  On and on.  And I forget to just sit still, hold my little doggie, and breathe.  Just breathe and relax for a moment.  And then I say to myself, "Oh yeah, now I remember.  Life is more than all that doing."  I know it with my head, but I forget to 'connect' with it sometimes.  Don't we all.


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