Monday, November 22, 2010

Wintery weather

The first snow has fallen, and the wind has a winter nip to it.  The temperature is the same as the coolest of the Fall temps, but I found myself digging for my mittens and pulling on a warmer coat today.  It smells crisp and clean.  Since my surgery I seem to be more sensitive to cold.  My fingers get cold more easily, and I need to be careful to layer an extra sweater over my shirt, even inside during the daytime.

I had 'blues' about this cold coming though, because I knew the snapdragons in the pots on the balcony are going to freeze and die.  So far, they've liked the cooler temperatures, growing so very lush and green.  No blossoms, but the leaves are beautiful.  I keep thinking, "Maybe if I brought them indoors and tended them through the winter they'd bloom again."  I've tried that before in past years though, and they need more light that I can give them indoors.  The smartest thing is for me to say to them, "Thank you, and goodbye. You've been wonderful plants this year."  Next year, I'll start fresh.

One thing I like about this cooler time of year, is that my balcony acts like a second refrigerator.  It's nice to be able to keep certain things out in the cold.  They don't freeze at night, and it doesn't get too warm for them during the day.  Today, I put the turkey out there.  It will be just perfect to pop into the oven for Thanksgiving in a few days.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  Sometimes I haven't.  There has been a lot of heartache for me about Thanksgiving, and the way it's 'supposed to be' traditionally.  I gave trying some years ago.  But this year seems to be different for some reason.  I've even written a menu plan, and I'll be trying some new recipes.  Dorie said she'd help me, because I'm still not up to lots of cooking yet.  It will be a small Thanksgiving, with just me and Dorie and Marcia.  Nice and quiet, with truly loving friends for company.  Sounds good to me!


Pat Goodeill said...

Sounds perfect! Have a wonderful Time!

Much love!

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