Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heart-lifting news!

The thought crossed my mind to call a friend for a chat.  I don't talk to him often, and it was good to touch base.  He said he has been enjoying my writings on the blog.  I didn't even know he was reading!  (Sometimes I've wondered if anyone 'tunes in', and if my words are helpful at all.)  I shared with him some of my 'I've wondered if it's really worth it' concerns, and he reassured me that not only is he reading, but that "the way I put things" and "my telling of my own experiences" has been helping him understand things better on his own journey in life.  Yahoo!  What delight, what joy for me!  I've wanted to 'make a positive difference' for as long as I can remember.  I'm tickled that I can, and that I am.

Whenever I've had doubts about whether continuing writing was of worth or not, I often remembered how hard it has been for me before to share with another person about my own doubts, fears, feelings and discoveries.  Judgement runs rampant in this world, and even those of us who are 'working on our issues' catch ourselves in judgement sometimes.  I know I do.  I'm just quicker at letting go of attachment to judgement than I used to be, and going to a more clear place about things.  Still, it takes courage to share what's real in the process.  I never know how it will be received.

So for now, I feel good about writing and sharing my experience.  Maybe tomorrow will be different - Maybe even the very next minute.  But right now the remarks that my friend shared with me about how my writings have been 'worth it' to him, make it more 'worth it' for me to keep making the effort.  I'm grateful.


Sterling said...

Hi Gwyneth,

You are sure an inspirational writer! We can all learn from others.

I have been trying to call and talk with you. It seems like my timing is off to find you at home...

Keep your healing going well.....


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