Saturday, November 27, 2010

We trick ourselves

Yes we do.  How do I know?  Because I do it myself, and wherever there is the voice of one, there are the voices of  a thousand others. 

I stepped on the scales to weigh myself this morning and I was surprised.  No, I was shocked!  How could a body weigh four and 1/2 pounds more than it did just a few days ago!  Wow.  I thought I had more control over my weight than that.  It's Thanksgiving's fault.  Magically it took it's toll, that's it.  If I needed something to blame it on, there it is.

Of course I was careful not to put 'too much' on my plate, not to have 'too much' pie, not to snack 'too much' on all the goodies in between times, and not to have 'too many' tastes of all the yummy things I cooked up in the kitchen.  That was my intention anyway.  I was even proud of myself after enjoying a lucsious Thanksgiving dinner that I'd kept my amounts in check and I didn't have that 'too stuffed' feeling when I'd finished eating.  That's why I was so surprised when the needle on the scales hit so many pounds higher today than it did just two days ago.  Somebody must have fooled me.  Somebody must have been behind me and put a rock on the scales while I was weighing myself.  That's all I can figure.


Rebecca said...

Those scale gremlins, don't stress the weight but enjoy yourself and take care.

Lots of love, Becky

Gwyneth McNeil said...

Good advice! I'll do my best to remember and to do. Take care of you and your. Love you lots,
Aunt Gwyn

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