Monday, November 29, 2010

The surprise from one song

I picked up the Church hymnbook with the intention of singing the whole thing.  (Who says I still don't have the impulses to 'do it all at once'.)  With my heart functioning better, I planned to sing all the songs I knew - which are quite a few.  In an effort to be wise, I planned to just sing the section of songs about 'Gratitude'. 

I got through the first verse of the first song - and tears started coming.  "Oh my goodness", I thought, "Not again."  Why couldn't I sing without crying?  What was going on?  My roommate came in (Marcia), and I started telling her about what was going on.  As usual, as I spoke, understanding came.  I saw so clearly how the words of the song were being transported to my soul, through my emotions, by the music.  Many times before I had been able to read the words, nodding my head in the recognition, understanding, and agreement.  But putting the music to them, and singing the words in my own voice, had a different effect entirely.  I never would have thought.

I cried for awhile, and talked, and cried some more.  When the tears subsided, I sang again - the whole song - all four verses.  I felt such peace and joy reverbrating through my enitre soul as I finished.  The quality of energy and power within was marvelous, and it took me easily through the busy-ness of the entire day following.  And from just one song!  Awesome.


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