Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after

Thanksgiving day was indeed wonderful.  Peaceful company, bountiful goodness on the table, beautiful tableware gathered from here and there - and every bowl that could be gathered was full.  The overflowing table was mainly the results of gardening, and a week of cooking. 

And then there was today.  Sinks still brimming with odd dishes, even though we'd worked on washing them.  Pans still needed scraping, and all those little bits of flour and other little food spills hiding around the food processor and under the cutting board.  Someone's been cooking in my kitchen, I can see.

There was just too much relaxing and 'just hanging out' to be done.  Cleaning up in the kitchen has been too boring to even think about.  And there was certainly too much to be done all at once.  Little pieces of work, that's the plan.  This slow and lazy day has given me time to think, though.  Little bits of understanding, waves of gratitude, and questions to ponder over time.


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