Saturday, November 6, 2010


There are bags and boxes of late-garden produce all over my kitchen floor, down the hallway, in the front room and on both front and back porches.  I'm glad all the veggies got in so they wouldn't freeze, but now I'm beginning to see the first signs of rot.  I am unable to work fast enough to keep ahead of all the veggies that need eating or freezing or canning or giving away.  I could usually do this,....     I know the Doctor said the 'basic healing' should be done within 6-8 weeks, and I am feeling better and better every day.  I guess I did have an expectation I'd be more 'well' and 'capable' than I am.  I just don't have the energy and strength to keep up with the demands of something like the final picking and taking-care-of from the garden.  And there's no one to ask for help.  My helpers have gone back to work and on with the necessary doings of their lives.  I see now - this is mine to do.

I have to make some hard decisions.  I will have to use the energy I have to sort out what I can, throw lots away, fill up a 'give away box' and put the rest in the crisper.  Maybe I'll line up a few good green tomatoes on the kitchen cabinet to ripen.  (Last year I had enough ripening that they lasted until the week before Christmas!)

When the crisper is full, that's it.  No more 'making it last', or 'saving for a rainy day'.  (Old habits die hard.)  I'll write out some meal plans and focus on using what's in the crisper.  I'll give my meal plan to Dorie and Marcia and have them tell me what they can help me with, and what they can't.  We can then go through the crisper, with meal plan in hand, and just throw away or give away what really, really can't be used.

Whew.  Lots of work when written out like this.  We'll see how much of this I'll actually be able to do.

I wonder what else there is in my life that is just too jam packed full?  Maybe there are the beginnings of 'rot' in other places, with other things.  Wisdom needed here, I can see.


Pat Goodeill said...

Wisdom is yours dear lady! All will turn out exactly as it needs to. Next year you will be all up to speed again and even better than ever! For now just rest and allow those amazing little cells to regenerate. Be gentle with yourself! Much love to you!

Gwyneth McNeil said...

Your acknowledgement and comments are heartening to me. They lift my soul

Donna Blonquist said...

It is interesting but the first thought I had is that you are making the way for more things to come into your life. It is hard to get rid of the things that are important to us at some level. Letting go and using what we can and getting rid of what we can't.

I have been so impressed with how you are able to live in the moment. Keep up the good work - very inspiring!

Gwyneth McNeil said...

Great thoughts. So true. And, when I am present in the moment, that's when I seem to experience the most, and learn the most. Thanks Donna.

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