Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marvelous times we live in

I visited with the Heart Rhythym Specialist today, and I will be having another procedure this coming Monday.  It was such a good thing that they got a good EKG of the heart-racing yesterday in Physidal Therapy.  Apparently those episodes are hard to get recorded 'when' it's happening.  I've had the episodes most of my life that I can remember, and never actually had an episode recorded, although there have been many efforts to record one.  Yesterday's was 'perfect', so they say.

So, they think I have more than one channel electrically triggering my AV node, right by my aorta.  They need to go in and put a dam on one of those ways, to stop the electrical triggering.  I'm not sure I'm explaining it correctly, but I hope that's good enough.  I'll be in the hospital for the entire day, but it's an outpatient procedure, so I will be going home for that night.

I asked, and was told that so much of this kind of treatment was not available 15 or so years ago when I was first tested.  They couldn't have done anything to help.  Now they can.  I'm nervous, yes, but also ever so grateful!  Right timing for so much that is going on with me.  I feel so very gifted and blessed.


Donna Blonquist said...

You are truly having miracles entering your life right now. What a blessing! You must still have much to accomplish in this lifetime :)

Sterling said...

Thank you for the up date Gwyn. It is so good that more and more new medical help is out there... So continual healing!

Love and prayers,


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