Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More excitement

I went in for my Physical Therapy today (Dorie drove for me), and after they'd strapped all the heart monitor stuff on me, taken my blood pressure, etc., they wouldn't let me on the machines.  They said my heart was already racing.  I've had a racing heart periodically for years, but now apparently it's really important to watch.  They laid me down, took a full EKG.  Afterwards, they called my own cardiologisist, Dr. Steve Horton, who came down to see me.  The Phys. Ther. team said they'd never seen Dr. Horton come down personally to see a patient before.  Pretty cool.  I then sat in a chair and kept busy wiping up from lots of cold sweats while everybody looked me over and did lots of tests on me.  I'd never connected the cold sweats before, for some reason.  I've just known I've had them, and that I haven't felt good sometimes.

Dr. Horton called and made an appt. for me at the Heart Timing Lab tomorrow at 2pm. They then wheeled me out to the car - they wouldn't let me walk.  I hope I'm learning to pay better attention to my body signals.  Apparently there are a lot I have simply ignored because I just didn't know what to do with them.  Or, (like the heart dys-rythym) they haven't had the fancy knowledge they do now, so they weren't able to really help me.  I've been tested before, and sent home with diagnosis of tachacardia dysrhythmia only.  That was years ago, and I've just thought it was something I've had to suffer through periodically.  Now, apparently, there is more they can do.  And with my brand new heart operation, they need to pay really close attention to it.

I must admit it's kinda scary.  The Dr. told me that he doesn't want the worst thing to happen - that my heart might stop because it just can't handle all of this.  I don't want that either.  So tomorrow, it's to the Heart Timing Lab.  And no more exercise for me until I'm okay'ed.


Pat Goodeill said...

Take it slow. You're not finished here yet. Sounds like your body is just sayin, slow it down a bit. Love and lots of positive energy flowing your way.

Gwyneth McNeil said...

Pat, thank you so much, Good advice. I am keeping your words in mind.

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