Monday, September 20, 2010

Dorie Here- Gwyn is Progressing Well

Yesterday Marcia was with Gwyn in the morning and I came in the afternoon. When I came in Gwyn had had a rough morning. She has been upgraded to taking her pain medication in tablet form by mouth rather than through her IV. She hadn't had much to eat and it upset her stomach and that upset Gwyn. She didn't think she was doing well enough.  Hopefully we have put that fear to rest. She is actually doing great. Saturday and Sunday have been harder for Gwyn because she is feeling good enough to realize how crappy she feels.

Before I came I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things for Gwyn and Marcia and I.  Finding good food to tempt Gwyn was one focus, but also getting some lunch for Marcia and I.  As I was heading to the checkstand I walked by the cold beverage aisle and impulsively grabbed a V-8 for me. As I was in the checkstand I realized I had made a mistake and grabbed the wrong kind of V8. It was the spicy hot variety and I wouldn't be able to drink it. I didn't want to take the time to exchange it, and thought that maybe Gwyn would drink it later. In her room Gwyn was asleep, but woke up shortly.  I told Marcia what had happened. She said she needed the walk and went downstairs to find me a regular V-8. (It's great - Marcia and I are taking care of each other.)  After awhile Gwyn was ready for her lunch, she spied the V-8 on the tray table and her face lit up. I didn't think she'd be able to drink it with her sore throat but down it went with a smile on her face and a cute V-8 mustache, which made Marcia and I laugh. So the mistake I thought I'd had made ended up being perfect.

In the evening when they brought her dinner she looked at it and said "for the first time this actually looks good to me."  She ate most of her entree.  Marcia rounded up a soy milk and the nurse made her a piece of toast. There are two kitchenettes on this floor, and Marcia and I checked them out, seeing what was available. The meals are pretty bland with low salt, so we found some Mrs Dash seasoning and some mustard to spice things up for Gwyn. She also had a tomato, lemon cucumber and a few fresh green beans from the garden. She loved them.  Later we walked down the hall and back and then saw Gwyn settled for the night before leaving.

Marcia needed help with giving Lacey her pills (usually Gwyn does this), so I stopped over before going home. We gave Lacey her pills, and Marcia gave Lacey 'hugs and loves', and Lacey gave Marcia licks all over her face. She got loves and hugs from me and gave licks on my face too.  Then Lacey got restless. She jumped down and began to look in every room.  She was looking for Gwyn,   It made me sad for Lacey, but I know it won't be long.  Gwyn will be home soon, and Lacey will get her 'loves and hugs' from Gwyn again. The doctor said Gwyn won't be going home yet though, because her chest tubes are still draining (A good thing) and they can't be removed yet.

Today-Monday I was with Gwyn this morning, she had breakfast and sat in her chair for awhile, but before she could rest she needed to take a walk. The physical therapist helped her get ready- it is quite a process with all the lines she has. We walked down the hall a short ways and back.  Then she was able to get back into bed. She talked with her mom and dad on the phone for a minute, then was able to go to sleep. Before I left I put a garden tomato, some fresh green beans from the garden and some cut up red pepper for her to have when she awakes up. She really enjoys the fresh produce.
Her mom and dad have not been able to be with her in the medical center. Her mom is in her late 80's and her dad is in his 90's. Her mom had a fall. I think it was Saturday I can't remember now. Her mother sprained her ankle and her knee. She also had cold or flu symptoms and didn't think she should be around Gwyn. Since Wednesday, I have been keeping them posted.
    Thanks for the prayers and the Reiki,


Aceofspace said...

I am so happy to hear that Gwyn is enjoying the wonderful food from her own garden. That is the best medicine she could have along with you and Marcia being with her. Thank you both for all that you do . . .

It was so great to be able to speak with Gwyn yesterday form a few minutes. Please let Gwyn know that I will be delighted to be able to talk with her again very soon.

Much love to all of you

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