Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dorie Here- Pretty Amazing

     Yesterday afternoon (Saturday) Gwyn was moved from ICU to CVU (cardiovascular Unit). The nurse told me Friday that she could have been moved by Friday morning except for 1 drip line. That was only 14 hours after surgery, Pretty Amazing  He said all her numbers were really good. Gwyn would have been moved sooner but the CVU is very busy right now and there was just no room available.
     Saturday I came to Gwyn's room around 10:00am. She had just gotten back to bed after taking a short walk and then sitting up in a chair for two hours. She only had two words for me before she zonked out- 'hard work' Because of Gwyn's health challenges, when she is concise in her speech I know she is having a struggle. She slept for about two hours before the nurse came in to get her up in her chair again and have lunch. Because of their experience with this condition the staff have a strict protocal to get the patients moving after surgery. 
     Lunch was brought in. Gwyn lifted the lid and immediately put it down again. I wanted to see what they had servd so I lifted the lid and she made me immmediately put it down again. Gwyn started on a piece of blueberry muffin cake and her applesauce that were outside the lid.  Gwyn hadn't had that much to eat, mostly liquids and juice. I wondered if she was feeling nauseus or if her appetite was just down. I was sitting across from her with the lunch I had brought for me. I asked her if my garden tomato looked good, She nodded her head 'yes'. After finding the nurse for her ok, Gwyn took the tomato and took a bite. There was a look of heaven on her face, quickly followed by a grimace. The tomato had burned her throat, which was sore from the breathing tube.  She then took another bite happy to have a garden tomato.  Even with the soreness she finished the whole thing.  Good news I had brought 2 tomatoes, so she could also have one later for dinner.
    After sitting in the chair for a while, another short walk, a room was available ansd she was finally moved upstairs to the CVU. There, back in bed she again was able to zonk into a deep sleep. She woke up around 6:30pm, feeling and looking much better, more rested. She again got up into the chair, and dinner was brought in.  It was fish this time, she was feeling better, and it looked and tasted better to her
    Marcia came in around 7:00pm bearing gifts. She had brought clean clothes for Gwyn to go home in. She also brought a special treat; a package of goat cheese. We spread it on hospital crackers and had a little cheese party. It was delicious, Gwyn was able to eat two crackers. We had a good evening, I saw Gwyn settled down for the night before leaving. Gwyn is doing well with her progress I know your prayers and the Reiki are continuing to work
Thanks so much,


Kathleen said...

Thanks for the update, Dorrie - and so glad to hear that Gwyn is on the mend. Prayers for continued speedy recovery~

Al Roberts said...

Dorie- Thank you so much for updating us on Gwyn. It makes us feel better knowing she is well. Tell Gwyn it was so nice to hear her voice again and we give her a hardly congratulations for being such a forward, fighting, potter relationships. She is an amazing woman.It takes courage to go through what you have gone through and still remain positive. We love you!

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