Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dorie Here-One Day at a time

I'm sitting at the computer at home, holding a puppy in my arms. Lacey is still missing Gwyn, but she is getting through good enough.
Monday evening Marcia and I were sitting with Gwyn in the hospital, and Gwyn she was in her chair. Gwyn started teasing Marcia and I, but mostly Marcia because she was closer. If this is an indication of things to come!  Marcia and I better watch out! I was very encouraged by Gwyn's energy and good spirits.

Tuesday is Marcia's day off. She came in early to be with Gwyn, I didn't come in until the afternoon. As I walked in her room I could feel a tension. Gwyn had had a rough morning. She was having trouble with her IV line, the staff was attempting ( multiple times) to put in a new line. I'm not sure of the medical terminology but the vein would have a hard time and wouldn't hold the line. They finally sent in an expert. The nurse said  "she'll be able to do it- she's the best."  The line finally got in, though in an uncomfotable, awkward place for Gwyn. But it was good enough for the moment to get Gwyn's drip going with the medication she needed. Gwyn's arms and hand were bruised and sore. Later a pikline team came in and re-did the IV. A pikline is a line where the tubing goes all the way up where it is needed, not just a few inches. It seemed to be a much smoother process. I did some Reiki to kept her bruising heal.  Gwyn was worn out and slept for awhile.

Her doctor said the chest tube comes out tomorrow, and in another 2-3 days she can go home. The chest tube drain has been a concern. The nurses have been watching the amount of drain, It had to be in a certain perameter to be removed and they kept watching bu the amount of drain has been to high.   Dinner time Gwyn was up in her chair, eating fairly well. I could tell she was still a little tired from her day. She was discouraged, the nurse reminded her, "you are going to have good days and you are gouing to have bad days - it is all part of the healing process. You are still progressing."  This made Gwyn feel better. She asked me if she could put her head on my shoulder, and I put my arm around her and gently stroked her back.  She said it felt good.
At 6:45pm Marcia called, 'I'm on my way, the NCIS premiere is tonight- get the TV ready.' In the evenings at home, the three of us would watch the weather channel and then turn on NCIS. It is rerun on the USA channel so we can pretty much watch it every night. Gwyn's energy was coming back up and she was feeling better. We enjoyed three very exciting episodes. Marcia and I saw Gwyn settled for the night and left her to sleep.
       Please keep the prayers and Reiki coming - it is all making a difference!


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Thank you for the updates. Sending love and prayers to Gwyn.


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