Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dorie Here-Gwyn is Home Now

   Gwyn is home now!  The hospital asked her if she wanted 'Home Care', but she assured them she had help available at home.  Since both Marcia and I had volunteered, I'm sure she meant us.
   Gwyn's discharge was quite a process yesterday, and we didn't leave until around 6:00pm.  Finally, by 7:00pm Gwyn was able to be back in her own bed resting. During the night she was up twice- once with Marcia's help, and once all by herself- so she didn't sleep all that well.  Marcia took care of her this morning, got Gwyn breakfast before Marcia had to go to work.  I came over a little later, fixing Gwyn an egg and helping her with her pills. (They put her pills into bottles she can't open yet!)  Gwyn then was back in bed for a good nap.  She has been a little worried about being home without the hospital facilities and staff but she is doing OK. Today she has gone to bed, gotten up gone into the bathroom and been able to take care of her own self by herself pretty much. I was here, available if needed, but she didn't need my help.  Slowly but surely she took care of herself. This is all helping her to be more relaxed, letting go of that worry.
   Gwyn in now dressed, on the couch, eating chicken soup & asking me to post on the blog for her.  A neighbor came by this morning leaving some good chicken soup, so Gwyn is now having lunch.- chicken noodle soup, a piece of toast, some small garden tomatoes and a nice lemon cucumber. She is going slow and tires easily, but I can see an improvement from yesterday. She has asked me to say hello to everyone from her. I'm sure she will be posting one of these first days.


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