Friday, September 24, 2010

Dorie here-Gwyn Is Coming Home Today

    Yesterday as Gwyn was preparing for sleep she said 'This has been a great day' - and it was. She was able to have her catheter removed, she sat up in her chair from 2:30 pm until 9:30 pm. getting up to go to the bathroom, and going for a walk- and even then she didn't need to go right back to bed. She had a good visit from our hypnotist friend Jamie, and she ate well. Things are going well.
    There are flowers on the windowsill from her daughter Ranna, her niece Becky, our garden friend Rosie, and her friends Ralph and Kathy Bradley.  She has received cards and letters.  What's amazing is that each has surprised her.  She didn't expect to be so well-thought of by others.  She's a humble lady.
    She asked me to bring in my camera and I have taken pictures of some of the staff. They are also signing her pillow. One of the nurses Steve asked to be scheduled with Gwyn again on her last day. She has made a difference in his life I can tell. She has made a personal heart connection with several of the staff just by being herself.  This may be my last post, but that is depending on how Gwyn feels and how soon she gets back on the computer.
          Thanks for all the prayers, Reiki and good wishes.  I know that you have made a difference for her.



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