Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Body temperature changes,.... Still

Today is the first day in a week that I've had to wear my fingerless mittens during the day to keep my hands warm.  Even then, I only wore a glove on my right hand, not on my left.  Odd.  My hands and feet have been so cold since my heart surgeries, and it's been hard to keep warm generally.  But this last week was different.  No mittens during the day, and when I went to the grocery store, I took off my heavy winter coat while I walked around shopping because I got too warm.  That was a first.

Before the surgeries, I was always toasty warm, even sweating, most of the time, no matter how cold the weather.  I don't even fog up the inside windows of my car very much anymore.  It's like I have another body, in a way.  Osteoarthritis in hips and knees still, but my general system is so much better.


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