Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lacy had a stroke

At least, that's what the vet said.  Lacy has not been well, and yesterday she was circling and circling,round and round, running into walls, and getting stuck in corners.  And she cried for hours at a time.  As I held her, comforting her as best I could, I cried too.  Poor thing.  She's weight, so she's such a little ball of blond furry fluff, with strawberry blond ears and hind end.  The vet says it's a surprise that Lacy has lasted as long as she has, with all her health problems.  The vet gave her some new medication which seems to have eased Lacy's discomfort, and she seems to have rallied a bit.  Just this afternoon Lacy even licked my face for the first time in more than a week.  Precious little soul.  I'm grateful she's in my life.  And, I'm grateful I even have a life, because of Lacy.  I'm glad I can help take care of her in her last days. 


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