Saturday, January 15, 2011

I had a dream last night

In the dream, I was going through an old trunk, left by my sister Karen who has long since passed away. (She died unexpectedly more than a decade ago leaving four young children.)  The trunk was in an old shed, something that reminded me of my father (living, age 94), and it felt like I was preparing for my father's funeral.  As I sifted through my sister's old things, looking to see what might be needed to be done with them, suddenly my only living sister appeared through sunbeams streaming through the sunlight in the doorway of the shed.  (I say 'only surviving sister because another sister, Jane, followed Karen in death just a few years after her, also unexpectedly.)

As Jolene came through the door, I felt a mix of joy, and a little puzzlement (in the dream), because we have been so estranged for so long.  (Even now, writing about this, I wonder if I will ever see her again, let alone share any words of the love and respect I feel for her in my heart.)  She was wearing her hair differently than I've ever seen in 'real life', but she looked absolutely beautiful.  She approached me, and without hesitation wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace.  I hugged her back with all my might, I've never experienced such a hug with my sister.  There's only the yearning for one.

Tears were on my face when I awoke.  And the emotion is still very close.  It will be an interesting day.


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