Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another sroke for Lacy, and little sleep for me

Thursday night was rough.  The day before my last day of Hypnosis Certification Training class, and Lacy had another stroke.  It started a little after midnight, and her scratching movements and little moans woke me.  It continued for hours, and her little moans turned into yaps and barks.  At first I was worried about waking the man in the apartment downstairs, but then I remember we'd talked about this possibility before, and he was 'OK enough', so I dropped my concern.  Her little body convulsed with jerks and her head started listing to the left.  Poor baby.  Friend Marcia took her and just held her (that's all that could be done), while I went back to bed, to get some more rest, if not sleep, in preparation for doing a full day coming up.  Marcia was due at her work the next day too, but Lacy needed help. Marcia and I talked about the situation, and made a conscious decision to 'be' with Lacy, and trust the process, asking of a higher source for help to 'do' the next day.

That principle of 'asking' and 'receiving', to get human needs filled, works.  I got about 4 1/2 hours sleep, and even though I started the day wondering how I'd get through, I did.  Pretty amazing.  As I write this, it's Sunday morning.  Training is over for now, and I'm really happy with how things went.  Each student seemed to get what they wanted out of their experience, and some value they hadn't expected, but which will serve them well.  That was my intention.  I'm glad it actually happened.  And Lacy?  She's wobbly, but better.  She ate and drank just a little bit late last night, which was a good sign.  And she slept all the way through the night.  So did I - It was SO nice!  Her head is still tilted over toward the left, and she is having troubles with her right front paw.  I'm glad she's still here for a little while more though.  She's such a sweeheart.


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