Saturday, November 13, 2010

After I ate the tomatoes....

Dorie helped me can the rest of the ripe tomatoes, and I'm SO happy!  Tired, but happy.  I'm sure she did most of the work, but I did what I could.  I fell onto the couch afterward, to sit and rest for awhile.  After I just sat for a bit, I reached over and grabbed the bowl of mostly ripe cherry tomatoes, and held it in my lap.  That bowl of multi-colored tomatoes was absolutely beautiful!  I carefully picked out the most red ones and ate them, and then the mostly red ones, and ate those too.  They were all so good.  When I was finished, I felt much more rested (and quite full!), and I noticed that there were mostly just pink and greenish tomatoes left in the bowl.  They still looked pretty in the bowl, but I wished I had thought to get my camera out and take a picture of that beautiful, full, bowl of cherry tomatoes - before I ate so many!

There were enough ripe tomatoes that we made some fresh salsa to eat with cornchips, and some bruschetta that we put on crispy toast for dinner.  It's amazing and wonderful to eat tomatoes from the garden in November!


Pat Goodeill said...

Sounds absolutely divine!

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