Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a surprise! Dark Chocolate.

A friend brought me a few dark chocolates before lunch today.  I could only eat one, but it tasted good to me.  And afterward, I found that lunch tasted better to me.  I didn't make the connection until I'd had another chocolate before dinner.  Surprise!  I found dinner tasting better to me as well!  Who would have thought that just a little piece of chocolate could make such a difference.  I would never have thought of getting a whole bag, but now the thought makes sense to me.


Sterling said...

Their you go Gwyn, I knew it had to be chocolate as the way to a womens heart (No punn intened):-) If that is one way to get a meal down that is great!

Like they say, eat desert first life is


Aceofspace said...

Surrounding you in deep, rich, thick and never-ending dark chocolate !
- Stace

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