Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So quiet, and so full

I've been strongly moved to resting many times yesterday and today.  I am following my body's signals.  As best I can, I am ignoring the chatter of my analytical brain as it gives arguments for this or that.  It looks how it looks.  I am in a supportive environment, for the most part.  I'm grateful.  More and more, from my resting comes wisdom.  It's as if there are those unseen who are waiting until my body and mind are at rest, to give their messages.  Each time I arise, I feel refreshed, awake, ... and more wise.  In between, I do my best to go in quietness, and just see what is next.


Sterling said...

Hi Gwyneth,

I just love the way you write your blogs.
It seems like you could write a book....
I am still praying for your full recovery!


Gwyneth McNeil said...

Thanks Sterling. I appreciate knowing that you enjoy my writing. Thanks for your thoughts and your prayers!


Unknown said...

Im really enjoying this blog. Thank you Gwyn.

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