Saturday, October 2, 2010

'So Good', for being 'So Bad"

Life is interesting.  I had a visitor tonight who went on and on about 'how good' I looked.  All I know is that the last two days have been really rough for me.  I haven't kept much food down the last two days until supper tonight, and I've slept a lot.  I suppose the body requires what it does to heal.  I'm feeling some better tonight though, and I'm glad.  I'm realizing that everyone has their own sense of what 'looks good', and what they think that means.  To me, right now it doesn't really matter how I 'look', but how I feel.  That matters a lot.  So I'll pay attention to that.

Dorie drove me down to the Garden today.  We were only there for a short time because I got tired quickly, but it was nice to be there.  I showed her which zinnia flowers were ready to gather seeds from, and I noticed that the Summer garden has turned to Fall.  The tomatoes and peppers are still going strong, but the squash and cucumbers look done.  There is a season to everything.


Sterling said...

Gwyn,Your body needs the sunshine and what a good place to get it the garden... Yes you are right, your body tells you that it needs sleep to heal. So stay the corse!


Gwyneth McNeil said...

Thanks Sterling. Very encouraging.

Aceofspace said...

My sweet sweet friend,
I hurt that you hurt ! I love your humility and the depth of vulnerability from which you express and share your adventure. This grand gift has the ability to heal others if they will but allow it. Thank you for sharing the richness of your heart. I honor that light. I love you greatly . . . from the depths of my heart.
- Stace

Gwyneth McNeil said...

Stace, you're awesome, ahhhsome, and your words bring me joy. With you, I feel worthwhile and wanted in the world. I can rest.

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