Sunday, October 24, 2010

The last Garden hurrah

Dorie took me to the garden today, and we gathered what we could - in the constant, drizzling rain.  I sat on a chair and pulled tomatoes off all the vines Dorie had pulled up and put in a pile in front of me.  I was so glad to feel just well enough to be able to really help.  There is more that could have been done today, but I did all I was able, then Dorie and I went home.  I was amazed when I realied we'd been there for over 3 hours.  The rest of the day was rest.  Tonight the wind comes, and then snow is forecast.

My strength is coming back.  My spirits are good.  The body does what it does.  I'm grateful I have it at all.

I've been struggling with some 'restless leg syndrome' type of stuff during the night.  I wasn't expecting this at all.  I am awake and moving around for hours, trying to get comfortable.  Last night I gave in and took one of the pain pills I'd saved from my heart surgery.  I've tried to go without them as much as I could.  It just felt better that way.  But last night, it helped to take one.  I was so grateful for the sleep.


Sterling said...

Hi Gwyn,
We did our tomato plants today too. And rototilled the garden for winter.
So rest up from all your work........


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