Monday, October 25, 2010

Full Circle

At the beginning, my first post on this blog I mentioned the song by R.E.M., "Everybody Hurts".  I've been considering that thought again today.  Even though I was careful, I can tell my chest muscles are tired from working in the Garden yesterday so soon after open heart surgery.  Tired, and a bit sore.  So what.  I'm sure many people have soreness in their body for one reason or another.  The arthritis in my back, hips and knees hurts.  My sleep is often interrupted at night for one reason or another, rather than being totally restfull.  Who's isn't?  Some nights, and days, are better than others, for each of us.  And not just physically, but emotionally too.  I had an ice cream shake today, and wondered afterward if I'd eaten too much.  Such a common thought, wouldn't you agree?

The details and circumstances of our lives may be different for you and for I, but the feelings are so much the same.  Joy, wonder, grief, suffering, pain, humiliation, awe, amazement, sadness, happiness, peace.  The bottom line is, 'Everybody Hurts'.  Right now, about something.  And right this moment I feel connected with every living being on this planet.  If you breathe, I know you.


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