Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things changing

Today I noticed for the first time that the color is changing on my arm bruises.  Not only changing colors, but getting noticeably lighter.  And I'm getting scabs all up and down my chest and torso.  It's so nice to see visible change.  Last night I slept almost all the way through the night.  Wahoo!  I'm seeing progress.  My friends say they see noticeable color change in my face.  I'd had no idea that I'd looked so 'ashen' before.  I guess getting more oxygen really helps.  Yes, I got a new valve for my aorta, but I also got an entirely new 'core', which means the surgeon got in and found he had to "core the apple", as he called it.  He had to rebuild an entirely new aortic core down into my heart because it was just too small.  It took 2 extra hours.  It's so amazing that he could give me such a gift.

I talked on the phone with my parents today.  They are each going in for an appointment with a cardiologist themselves, rather than just being proud of lasting so long without their symptoms showing up with any major Major trouble.  Pride certainly can get in the way sometimes.   I'm proud of them.  It truly might add life to their lives.

I realized why I'm not holding Lacy.  I took her in my arms carefully, held her, petted her, and then in the process of giving her back she scratched all across the wound on my chest.  Ouch!  She's just a doggy, after all, and she did what doggies do.  But I learned.  No holding Lacy for me until I'm totally well.  I'll just let her sit on the couch by my side, where if she struggles at all, she won't hurt me.


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