Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oooo - only ONE DAY left!

Heart Surgery day coming up fast.  With so little time left, the temptation to do what I usually do when a deadline looms is strong.  My lifelong pattern has been to cram as much 'doing' in as I could beforehand.  This time is different though.  Although my brain continues to race with all the 'things to do', the energy and breath to do them is not available.  As a Stress Management Consultant, I'm having to use every tool in my toolbox right now - for myself.  I'm my own client right now.  I'm reaching deep to stay on track with a quality of relaxation, both body AND mind.  To my racing thoughts, I say, "Sit, STAY!".  And I say it often.

I was able to get a Facebook Group up this morning.  "Gwyn's Story - A Very Personal Account".  It cross-connects with this blog.  Here's the description of it (the same goes for the purpose of this blog, as well):

"I am offering to share my very personal journey of the process of my Open Heart Surgery, and the story and experiences connected with it.
My purpose? We're each very human, and most (if not all) of us has experience of physical crisis at some point in our life. Besides the physical, there is also emotional and spiritual experience that often happens.

I wish to share my process now, with you, that hopefully you may take something away from my story that helps you with your own experience - whenever it may be. Consider this my gift to you, my valued friend.

Because of my limited energy right now, all of this will be posted only on the special Blog I've set up for this purpose. (Link below)
So, for some amazing stories and More, go to:

I found an appropriate music video to go with it:
"Everybody Hurts"  - by R.E.M.
One really great version:


Pat Goodeill said...

Everything that needs to be done will be done and everything else will wait. Take care of you today. Be still and take some time to create a vision of yourself whole, happy, gardening and doing all the things you love. Write it down if you can, then keep that vision close at hand.

I see you as whole and full of energy! May love and light surround you now to bring you comfort and all during your operation and recovery time.

Looking forward to hearing how quickly you are healing!

Diane said...

I once poured my energy/lifeforce into my very ill baby daughter and I know it had power. You are a beautiful person, Gwyn. Brave and beautiful. I send you love and light and all the positive energy I can muster.

Diane from Geni, Australia

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