Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healing stone connection - Years later

A number of years ago I walked through a local botanical garden (Red Butte Garden), lavishing in all it's beauty in so many forms.  At the time, there were visiting sculptures being displayed throughout the grounds from artists from Africa.  They were each astounding, but the one that kept 'drawing' me was a 6 ft. tall bird, make of the rock called Serpentine.  It was gray-green, smooth to the touch, and both warm and cool at the same time.  At least, that's how it seemed to me.  When it was time to go, I remember wishing I could stay there a little longer, just 'soaking in' the energy of that stone.  There were other sculptures made of Serpentine in the garden, but this one seemed to emmanate that particular energy most strongly.

I've thought of that incident many times over the years, and in my travels I've 'almost' picked up a 'pocket stone' of Serpentine.  (I've found that often it helps to keep a stone or two of different kinds in my pocket as I go through the day.  Because of the different vibrations of different materials, and the meanings they have gathered to them, just having them on my person seems to help.  Before I 'knew' any of this, I've carried stones with me since I was a little girl.  I hear that many people do.  Do you?)

Well, I was given a wonderful nugget of polished Serpentine two days ago.  I immediately put it in my pocket, and wore it yesterday all day as I went about my doings.  Lo and behold.  I definately feel the result today.  I did yesterday as well, but this morning it's especially strong.  My right hip that has been most affected by osteo-arthritis?  Almost enirely pain-free all day.  And my mood?  Wonderful - even at setbacks.

"Serpentine- Also called Infinite, pronounced 'infi-night':  A form of green or gray-green stone from South Africa.  An excellent stone for healing the etheric body, and pain relief for the physical body.  Infinite's vibration replenishes the etheric body and helps seal holes that can cause feelings of fatigue, depression and depletion.  Also activiates the kundalini."


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