Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, well...

Thumpity, thumpity, thumpity - twice as fast.  Heart still racing.  All night, all day - again and still.

When I went into the Heart Rhythm Lab, they took one on my new medications away, just until after the procedure tomorrow.  It's the one that helps keep my heartbeat steady.  Well, my heartbeat certainly has not been steady for the last few days.  I called and told them what was going on, and asked for advice.  I was told that I probably wouldn't die (comforting) but to keep the phone handy for 911.  I don't think they were kidding.  My sense is that I'll be OK, so I'm not terribly worried, but I'm being extra careful just in case.  I was told that the Dr. will need my heart beat to be racing so he can see exactly where to do his work next to the AV node. 

When I met this Dr., he was somewhat aloof.  The message I got was that he knows his stuff, and he'll do a good job, but any interation with the patient is really a chore.  If he could have, I think he would have said, "Just get out of your body, leave it here, and pick it up in a few hours when I have it fixed."

I've joked many times about wishing there were a "Checker Body Parts Store" nearby - Now would be the time to have one handy.  I don't know what time everything will be done tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be able to post to the blog or not.  Dorie tells me she will update for me if the need arises.


Sterling said...

I am putting my money on you Gwyn, that you will be just fine after the fix.
My prayers to You and the Doctor........


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