Friday, October 29, 2010


I'd thought I didn't have expectations about my healing process, but apparently I do. This morning I woke up somewhat disgruntled that I was still moving slowly, still holding onto chairs and keeping close to walls.  I guess some part of me thought that at 6 weeks out I'd be buzzing around like nothing had happened. 

I was reminded that not only did the Dr. say 6 - '8' weeks for the most 'basic' healing, but he also said that it often takes a year to feel 'normal'.  Oh yeah.  And then, I am also reminded that it was 3 weeks into my healing process that I went back into the hospital for another heart procedure, which would have slowed things down a bit too.  OK.  I give.

But very normal things are happening around me, even though I'm not very good yet at participating fully.  With this first cold snap in the weather, the battery in my car died.  Not that I could drive yet (just a few more days!), but Dorie couldn't take me to my Physical Therapy a day ago.  My downstairs neighbor, Dale, was very kind and took my car into the shop and got it fixed, including a new battery.  Thank you Dale!

Today, I'm heading up to the Academy for a few hours to see what I can do.  I'll do my best to ease back into everyday living, and be happy with it.  Well,... (ahem) maybe just not complain so much that I'm not doing more yet.


Sterling said...

Gwyn, How nice you tryed to go back to work..
You do as you can, one day at a time.. :-)


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