Friday, October 15, 2010

Little bits of doing

I'm used to 'doing', and just pushing through the 'not feeling well'.  That's not smart now,... and it's not even possible.  Day by day I am measuring my recurperation in little pieces of 'doing', and then needing to rest.  My 'doing' times are getting longer, and my resting times are getting shorter.  During my resting times, I'm not always asleep anymore.  I'm often awake now, and noticing that I'm wishing I were 'doing'. 

For example:  I don't have the energy to cook the new recipes I see on the TV shows yet - only the most simple ones.  If  the recipe is more complex (my favorites), I get halfway through and have to leave it for Marcia to finish later, or I call Dorie and see if she can come over and finish it for me.  Unfortunately the finished product never seems to taste as good as when I used to just 'whip it out' all by myself.   Hmmm.

And I've been noticing.  I've been holding off some feelings of frustration that I haven't been able to just jump back into doing things.  And then last night a good friend had some thoughtful, wise words for me.  She reminded me that there will be times in the future when I will look back and wish I could just lie down and take a nap - That I will probably be so busy that 'quiet times' will be at a premium.  She's right.  I forgot. 

Again - To every thing there is a season.


Sterling said...

Still reading your blog's may not respond all the time.........Sterling

Pat Goodeill said...

Sweet lady, please thank yor friend for me for your reminder that this will all be a memory. I have to be reminded of that in my own situation at times. Thank you for posting and sharing.

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