Friday, September 17, 2010

Dorie Here- Whew! its over

Gwyn had surgery yesterday, and it went well. She went in to surgery at noon and it was completed around 6:30-7:00pm. There were complications, because Gwyn has had this condition for so long the aortic area around the valve was deteriorated and needed to be removed. The surgeon took care of it, but it took 2 hours longer that expected. Gwyn is now in the ICU getting excellent care. Knowing that changes will be made as needed, she will be there for 2-3 days counting today as day number one.  She will then be moved to the telementary unit room (telementary is the computer equipment that tracks all her cardiac vitals. She has 5 electrodes that are continually tracking different areas of her heart.) on the 3rd or 4th floor depending on room availability. She will be on the medical center for 4-6 days.
         Marcia and I were able to see her briefly for a few moments last night around 8:15pm. She had a tube in her throat and couldn't talk. I asked if we could hold her hand and the nurse said yes. After we found  it under the carefully tucked in blankets, Gwyn gently squeezed Marcia's hand and briefly opened her eyes.
       During the instructions and briefing of the nurse, Marcia and I gave Gwyn Reiki until the energy settled and then went home. Later I received a call from the nurse saying that they removed the breathing tube and Gwyn wanted her CPAP machione. Marcia went back to the medical center, she called me and said that Gwyn;s color was better and she could see the difference the Reiki was making.
          Please continue your prayers and Reiki, it is making a difference. Please include Marcia, myself and our little dog Lacey. She is struggling with Gwyn being gone, and being alone for such along period of time. 
    Marcia and are also struggling this morning. We sometimes forget the impact these kinds of events have on our energy and thinking processes.
           Thanks so much for your support.


Aceofspace said...

Thank you so much for your updates Dorie and for all that you and Marcia continue to do . . . Please give both Gwyn and Lacey a hug for me <3

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